'Bad Boys 3' Is Coming... Hopefully With Will Smith And Martin Lawrence

I've got a hypothetical, one of those "tree falling in the woods"-type scenarios, to run by you. Can there really be a "Bad Boys 3" if Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence aren't involved? I say no.

That might just be a possibility however, as Peter Craig is busy putting together a script for Columbia Pictures while the franchise's key players wait to see the results, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This isn't unusual of course, though newer series' get around this problem by locking the most important names into contracts spanning multiple movies. "Bad Boys," which first snapped to action back in 1995, was conceived before it became common practice in Hollywood to write out franchise plans before the first movie hits theaters.

While THR reports that anyone who matters has expressed an interest in returning to the series, money will likely be a problem. Will Smith and Michael Bay especially will require some hefty contracts, giving how brightly their stars seem to be shining lately. And since bad boys Smith and Lawrence have already danced at this party twice before, I wouldn't be surprised if some new blood were poured into the mix.

The "Bad Boys" action flicks follow detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) as they fight crime on the streets of Miami (and beyond, in the sequel). It's as pure as buddy cop blockbusters come, cut from the "Lethal Weapon" mold only without the interracial humor. In the two previous outings, Lowrey and Burnett took on the local drug trade. Will their third adventure -- presuming it happens -- be more of the same, or will the low-hanging fruit of a terror plot sneak its way into the duo's post-9/11 world?

What do you think? Is another "Bad Boys" necessary? Want to see Smith and Lawrence get back into the action? Hope they get some new blood to tag along? Where do you think their story will go next?