'New Moon' Actor Edi Gathegi Wishes He'd Sparkled In The Sun

As any Twilighter knows, vampires sparkle in the sunlight as though they have diamonds embedded in their skin. "Twight" author Stephenie Meyer's vampires do at least. That's the one big regret "New Moon" actor Edi Gathegi, who plays Laurent, has as his character bids farewell to the series. I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't read the book, but suffice to say that Laurent isn't in any condition to come to the party in "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn."

The actor, who appeared in New Jersey this weekend for an official Summit/Creation Entertainment "Twilight" convention, is nonetheless happy about his work in the first two movies and thankful for the time he's had. "Honestly, perspective," he said. "I'm happy I'm in 'Twilight.' I'm happy I made it to 'New Moon.' Things could be worse."

Gathegi also spent much of his time on stage sharing stories from the "Twilight" and "New Moon" sets. He was particularly vocal about his lack of shoes in the first movie, a costume decision that changed under the new director. "God bless Chris Weitz," he said. "In "Twilight' we didn't have shoes, because in the book they don't have shoes — you know, nomadic vampires don't have shoes. And I was cold, I was froze to death! But Chris was like, 'Well, wear shoes.'"

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