'Final Destination' Murders 'Halloween 2' In The Saturday Box Office Report

1. "The Final Destination" ($10.925 million)

2. "Halloween II" ($7.625 million)

3. "Inglourious Basterds" ($5.9 million)

4. "District 9" ($3 million)

5. "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" ($2.3 million)

Over the past few weeks, the box office has been filled with shoot-'em-ups and all out war; this weekend introduces the gore with "The Final Destination" and "Halloween II," two movies that continue (and potentially finish, if you believe the premise of the former) their respective horror franchises. While the villain of the "Final Destination" series is less tangible than the hulking Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie-directed sequel, "Destination" is nonetheless the place to be in terms of the box office. The death-filled thriller enjoyed a Friday debut of $10.925 million and is looking at a weekend intake of $26 million. "Halloween II," on the other hand, only opened to $7.625 million on Friday and is expected to make $17 million by the weekend's conclusion.

The very fact that these two films are making as much money as they are has befuddled some analysts. This weekend is a notoriously bad spot for incoming films and even previously released movies, thanks to the return of college-aged students to their respective campuses. With that in mind, plus the fact that the two biggest releases of the weekend were both horror films, it seemed almost a certainty that the thrillers would under-perform -- but just like in the movies, horror icons never really die.

But that's not the only shocker at the box office this weekend. Combined with "Inglourious Basterds'" $5.9 million Friday and "District 9's" $3 million intake, the weekend's top four performers are all extremely R-rated. As one unnamed studio executive put it to Deadline Hollywood Daily, the outpouring towards these gore-minded films reflects "a sad statement on movie-going humanity."

For something considerably less bloody, moviegoers can check out the debuting "Taking Woodstock," which earned $1.2 million in just 1,393 movie theaters for a 9th place finish. Considering the gruesome competition this weekend, it's not the worst result imaginable for the considerably smaller Ang Lee-directed film -- but still, it's an R-rated effort. Looks like the kids aren't going to the movies this weekend.

Which movie is going to get your price of admission this weekend? Heck, are you even old enough to see this weekend's top performing films? Let us know your plans in the comments section or on Twitter!