'Halloween' Monster Michael Myers Is Back For Another eBay Prop-Watch

To keep with the running Rob Zombie/"Halloween II" theme this week, I'm featuring yet another related item in today's eBay Prop-Watch. Ask anyone what they think of first when the subject of "Halloween" -- the horror franchise, not the holiday -- comes up, and most will answer Michael Myers' mask. Zombie's vision for the remakes diverges a bit from the previous films of course, but Myers is still his recognizable self beneath all of that filth and grime.

Here's a bit of trivia that you may not know. The original mask used in the 1978 film was created from a William Shatner Halloween mask, which was purchased for less than $2. It's amazing when you think about it, that the dictates of a low budget shoot were responsible for one of Hollywood's most iconic movie monsters. And that's why this second Prop-Watch for the week features yet another version of Myers' mask.

Unlike like the mask featured earlier in the week, this one more closely resembles the original Myers look. The seller describes it as being part of a limited run of 30, crafted using the "real movie molds." The $229 Buy It Now price is a bit steep for a replica, but the mask does look pretty detailed, complete with a full head of hair.