Rob Zombie Would 'Love To Make A Pirate Movie,' And We'd Love To Watch It

Zombies, vampires and supernatural masked serial killers: these are the monsters currently revving popular culture's collective engine. That wasn't always the case though. It wasn't so long ago that moviegoers were foaming at the mouths for eyepatches and hook hands, but as Bruno would say, pirates are sooo 2007.

Of course, don't let Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer or Johnny Depp hear you say that -- they're still hard at work on a fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" adventure. Or Steven Spielberg for that matter. But there's another filmmaker in Hollywood who is ready to set sail with the scurvy genre, someone you probably wouldn't expect to have an interest in Davy Jones' locker: none other than "Halloween 2" director Rob Zombie.

"I would love to make a pirate movie," Zombie told MTV News. As a filmmaker best known for gore-tastic fare like "House of 1000 Corpses" and its follow-up, "The Devil's Rejects," Zombie's exploration of the Caribbean waters doesn't seem like a natural fit on the surface -- but if there's one thing about Zombie that everyone can agree on, it's that he's full of surprises.

"I actually tried pitching a pirate movie way before 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' and everyone was like, 'Pirate movies don't work,'" he recalled. "You almost have to wonder -- as soon as someone says a certain genre doesn't work, that's exactly the movie you have to make."

Zombie already has two films in the pipeline -- the recently announced remake of "The Blob" and his awesomely named "Tyrannosaurus Rex" -- so his take on the pirate genre is at least momentarily lost at sea. Should he ever find the time to explore the idea further, however, you can expect Zombie's pirates to have a lot more grit than Disney's swashbucklers.

"The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies were cool and Johnny Depp's awesome, but I thought, let's make one that's really so nasty that it's real," Zombie described. "But I don't know if people want that."

Uh, Mr. Zombie, I want that, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Is that Rob Marshall directing "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" deal set in stone? Because a Zombie-helmed Jack Sparrow adventure would be fan-freaking-tastic.

Would you care to see a pirate film from Rob Zombie? What direction do you think he could take the genre? Set sail towards the comments section and let us know!

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