Rob Zombie Describes 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' As An Underground Fighting Movie

While I'm certainly curious about Rob Zombie's further take on the Michael Myers mythology in "Halloween II," it's his original material that interests me most. One such project is "Tyrannosaurus Rex," a film that's been rarely discussed but has one of the single most ridiculously awesome (albeit unsafe for work) posters I have ever seen.

But Zombie was gracious enough to discuss the movie with MTV News, if only to clear the air on some rumors -- namely, that "Tyrannosaurus Rex" won't be based on a pre-established property, despite some speculation to the contrary.

"It's totally original," he said of the film. "I don't know if that's next. It's what I'd like to be next, but not sure if it is though. Yeah, that's totally original."

Now that "The Blob" has been announced as Zombie's next film, it'll probably be a little while before we get to see exactly what "Tyrannosaurus Rex" entails. But if you're expecting a Zombie-directed take on "Jurassic Park," you're in for a disappointment.

"It's a story about a washed-up prize fighter who goes to prison for like 14 years and comes out, and his life is of course destroyed," he described. "He's basically this born-to-lose maniac who can't control himself, and he gets into the world of underground fighting."

Whether or not the underground fighting in question focuses on dinosaurs ripping each other to shreds remains to be seen, though we can all remain hopeful. But one thing the film won't showcase is a strict attachment to the horror genre.

"It's not really a horror movie," Zombie clarified. "Probably all of the movies I'll make will be dark and violent, but it's not a horror movie."

So, it's not a horror film and unless something really wacky is going on, it's probably not a dinosaur movie, either -- so what exactly is "Tyrannosaurus Rex" supposed to be?

"It's kind of like if 'Every Which Way But Loose' was a serious movie," the director joked. "Minus the monkey."

What do you think of "Tyrannosaurus Rex"? Should we see this before "The Blob," or are you fine with waiting for the mysterious project? Let us know which film you'd like to see first in the comments section!