Two EXCLUSIVE 'Precious' Stills To Prep You For Oscar Season

Gabourey SibideI caught director Lee Daniels' "Precious" at Sundance this year, though it sported a different name back then. Watching it is a draining experience, a constant assault on the senses with its raw displays of human misery and abuse. It's Oscar-bait, plain and simple, and damn fine Oscar bait. "Precious" deserves every ounce of praise that it will assuredly get when it hits theaters on November 6.

The story follows Precious Jones -- an impressive performance from newcomer Gabourey Sibide, who was recently interviewed by MTV's Eric Ditzian -- a teenage girl from Harlem with a now-absent sexually abusive father and a cruel mother (Mo'Nique, who very nearly eclipses Sibide's portrayal). I don't recommend "Precious" because it's a joy to behold. It isn't. But it is a powerful piece of film, one that will surely make multiple appearances at the next Academy Awards ceremony. Hit the jump for your two exclusive pics.