Daniel Day-Lewis Celebrates In Style In This EXCLUSIVE 'Nine' Still

It's a rough year for movie titles containing numbers, particularly the number 9. There's "District 9" of course, and Shane Acker's upcoming animated stitchpunk fantasy "9." Then there's also "Nine," which is -- prepare yourself -- an adaptation of a book based on a musical based on an Italian play inspired by Federico Fellini's classic film, "8 1/2." Whew.

Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Guido Contini, an aging director who struggles to his work life with a series of romantic encounters, all while trying to kickstart his flagging creativity. Director Rob Marshall, who will next take on "Pirates of the Caribbean 4," previously did the award-winning screen adaptation of "Chicago," so he's got plenty of experience with musicals. In the exclusive image after the jump, check out Contini sampling the fruits of his midlife crisis.