John Stamos Says Have Mercy In Today's Daily TwitPic

I snapped yesterday, readers. Warmoth clearly has an unnatural fixation on former "Full House"/"ER" star John Stamos. Look, I like Jesse and the Rippers as much as the next child of the '80s, but this madness has to stop. And so, in the interest of bringing your Daily TwitPics some variety, I put a temporary moratorium on Stamos-centric TwitPics. Warmoth tells me that Ice-T and Rose McGowan's puppy will benefit. Have mercy indeed...

So. Today's TwitPic. To be honest, I think I missed something here. Stamos and his fellow former "House" star Bob Saget had some sort of exchange involving dates and tattoos. I can't tell if these inked wrists belong to Stamos, or if they're some adoring fan showing an appreciation for Uncle Jesse. In the hopes that one of you is smarter than me -- not a challenge, I assure you -- I've included the related tweets after the jump, for context.

Uncle Jesse Tattoo pt 1: @JohnStamos @JohnStamos @bobsaget saget! If you get me a date with john, I'll get a saget tattoo-

-John Stamos, Actor ("Full House," "Knots")

Uncle Jesse Tattoo pt 2: @bobsaget Dont...I had 'B-O-B tattoo'd on my butt and the "O" stinks! RT @JohnStamos: saget! If you get me a date with john, I'll get a saget tattoo-

-Bob Saget, Actor ("Madagascar, "Full House")

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