What Would James Cameron's Classic Characters Look Like In 'Avatar'? Let's Find Out!

Sigourney WeaverNot everyone is digging the look of the Na'vi in "Avatar," and frankly, neither was I -- until a picture of Sigourney Weaver as a Na'vi popped up online, that is. In an upcoming issue of Empire, the "Aliens" heroine -- who plays a scientist in the James Cameron-directed film -- is revealed in all of her blue-skinned, yellow-eyed glory... and holy heck if she doesn't look exactly like an aliened-up Ellen Ripley!

The transformation of Weaver got me wondering about other Cameron-directed characters who'd benefit from the "Avatar" treatment -- and it got our crack team of designers wondering, too! The result is our very own visual interpretation of five classic Cameron characters as Na'vi warriors!

Editor's note: The thumbnails below are just a small sampling. Head over to our "Avatar"-ized image gallery to see the full images in all their glory or click each individual thumb to head directly to the more complete image. And BIG UPS to MTV's Sohyung Kang, without whom this serving of awesome would not have been possible.

MAX GUEVARA (Jessica Alba, "Dark Angel"): Alba's breakout role was on the Cameron-created "Dark Angel" television series, in which she plays a genetically enhanced super soldier fighting terrorists and other lethal bad guys. Given her high-risk occupation, Max would certainly benefit from the 10-foot poise of the Na'vi when going up against heavily armed opponents -- plus, Alba looks great in blue.

JACK DAWSON (Leonardo DiCaprio, "Titanic"): DiCaprio was the Robert Pattinson of the '90s, but would he have melted all those young hearts in "Titanic" as a big blue alien? Maybe not, but he probably could've caused some damage to that pesky iceberg. At the very least, he would've had a much easier time surviving the frigid Atlantic waters. But with that cocky "I'm the king of the world" self image, giving Jack the Na'vi treatment might be a tad dangerous for the rest of mankind.

HELEN TASKER (Jamie Lee Curtis, "True Lies"): How do you make Jamie Lee Curtis's sexy "True Lies" dance scene even sexier? By turning her into an oversized native of Pandora, of course! As a Na'vi, Ms. Tasker would hardly have the same marital difficulties with the Schwarzenegger-portrayed Harry -- though she'd probably provoke a whole set of new ones, like being a better field agent than her spy-husband.

THE T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"): Even though the T-800 ultimately saved John Connor from the clutches of the T-1000, there's no denying that the technologically inferior cybernetic organism had a rough go of it -- but combine that neural net processor with the body of a Na'vi, and the T-800 could've said "Hasta la vista" to the T-1000 much earlier in the film.

SARAH CONNOR (Linda Hamilton, "Terminator"): It might make more sense to offer the "Avatar" treatment to John Connor himself, but aside from not wanting to give that much power to such an enormous brat, there's a lot to be valued in a mother's protective instinct. Sarah Connor is already one of fiction's foremost bad-asses, so can you imagine how easily she'd defend her son with a Na'vi's physical prowess? Something tells me that Dr. Silberman would've had a lot more than a broken arm to worry about!

What other Cameron characters would you like to see as members of the Na'vi species? Let us know your picks in the comments section!