Will The Director's Cut Save 'Terminator Salvation'? Possibly -- But Probably Not

Christian BaleOpinions are like a Terminator-filled post-apocalyptic future -- they're absolutely everywhere.

On the matter of "Terminator" as a film franchise, opinions on the recent "Terminator Salvation" are fairly widespread, though the general consensus seems to be disappointment with the theatrical cut. A potential remedy might be on the way courtesy of the "Terminator Salvation - Director's Cut" home video release however. UGO reports that the MPAA has rated McG's cut of the film with a hard R for "some violence and brief nudity." Might this version of "Terminator Salvation," the one that McG wanted us to see all along, be enough to change the commonly held dissatisfaction with last May's release?

Possibly... but probably not.

Probably not because it's not blood-by-the-buckets or Moon Bloodgood's bare chest that "Terminator Salvation" needs. Bloodgood was beautiful enough fully clothed and, if nothing else, McG proved himself in the action department -- say what you will about "Salvation," but there were some brilliantly choreographed shoot-'em-ups in there.

Probably not, because the PG-13 rating didn't effect "Terminator Salvation" nearly as much as some had feared. The film was dark and gritty, maybe moreso than any other "Terminator" installment before it. In terms of how much brutality you can pull off without an R-rating, "Salvation" really pushed the limits.

Probably not, because "Terminator Salvation"'s biggest flaw is its script. The story doesn't know where to stick -- is this Sam Worthington's journey or is it Christian Bale's? And if it is Bale's, then why don't we care about this guy at all? This is John Connor, leader of all mankind, for crying out loud! Unless it's a completely different movie all together, the "Director's Cut" won't solve this problem.

Probably not, because what "Terminator Salvation" lacked entirely, by Worthington's own admission, is humor, and that's something that the previous "Terminator" installments had plenty of. Fair enough, these films aren't comedies, but if the characters can't find a realistic moment to laugh -- a nervous joke or even the rare light-hearted moment -- then they're probably too boring to spend a two hours with.

Probably not, because the biggest problem with "Terminator Salvation" is its sheer lack of humanity. Where McG spent hours upon hours and months upon months toiling over homages to previous "Terminator" films, he completely missed the ball on character and story development. I don't need to see how Kyle Reese got his shotgun -- I need to see why he matters to John. Frankly, I need to see why this movie matters.

So, will the director's cut save public opinion on "Terminator Salvation"? Probably not... but, hey, violence and nudity. Doesn't that make everything better?

Do you think the "Terminator Salvation - Director's Cut" will make for a better film, or are you skeptical of McG's version of the movie? Let us know what you think in the comments section!