Ebenezer Scrooge Is Terrified By What He Sees In Our EXCLUSIVE 'A Christmas Carol' Still

It could be a mirror he's looking into. That performance capture stuff freaks me out, man. It is Uncanny Valley, defined. Performance capture characters look plenty human, but they're "off" somehow. "Polar Express" freaked me out, "Beowulf" freaked me out and now "A Christmas Carol" is freaking me out. It's also a kickass story, and I've grudgingly accepted that I'll see it even if it feeds my every nightmare in the months that follow.

Judging by the chains and the comfortable surroundings, the scene pictured in the exclusive image below occurs early on, when Scrooge (Jim Carrey) is learning what he's in for from the ghost of his old friend, Jacob Marley (Gary Oldman). Check out more exclusives in our 2009 Fall Preview by clicking on the image below!