This EXCLUSIVE Still From 'Antichrist' Is Free Of Genital Mutilation

Unfortunately for you squeamish readers, the same can't be said for the movie. Director Lars Von Trier has been very outspoken about his art-horror film "Antichrist," going as far as declaring himself "the world's greatest director" at Cannes this year. It's a slow, simmering build to the violence, extremely graphic violence, making it all the more shocking when the plot takes its nasty turn.

The story follows an unnamed husband and wife -- Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg -- who hide away in their remote cabin in the woods shortly after the accidental death of their toddler. He, as Dafoe's character is called, is a psychoanalyst who attempts to help his wife get through the difficult moment by forcing her to face her fears. Things get progressively creepier until a late-game explosion of violence brings things to a close with a brief, agonizing roller coaster ride. In the exclusive image after the jump, you can see Von Trier standing with a smiling Gainsbourg, an expression she doesn't wear much in the film.