'Fame' Director/Choreographer Wants To Make A Sci-Fi Film Called 'Arcana'

"Star Wars" and "Dune" have already defined the modern space opera, but could the world be ready for a "space musical"? Other than "Jews in Space." "Fame" director/choreographer Kevin Tancharoen wants to pursue his directing aspirations now that he's completed work on this year's tale of high school stardom quests. And he's looking at George Lucas' "Red Tails" writer John Ridley to do it.

"'Arcana' is a unique blend of the graphic-novel backdrop -– like 'Blade Runner' -– and shot like '300,' and has a little bit of 'Warriors' mixed in there, with a little bit of martial arts, so it’s got a lot of crazy elements in there," Tancharoen told Moviehole. "We’re writing it right now actually -– a guy named John Ridley is writing it; I’m very happy we got him."

Though he didn't mention any big musical numbers in his plans for the epically scaled film, the dance-lover called himself a "a comic and video game nerd" when explaining how he chose the project. And his production backing from "X-Men: The Last Stand" director Brett Ratner certainly provides some industry cred for cultivating those sensibilities.

In fact, dancing may have only been a means to an end for Tancharoen, judging from his self-description. He may have the passion of a "Fame" character, but he seems intent on channeling it into genre film creation.

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