Frankie Muniz And His Broken Hand In Today's Daily TwitPic

Frankie Muniz is a race car driver. Did you know that? The "Malcolm in the Middle" star took a step back from acting in 2006 to make more room in his life for this new passion. He's been moderately successful too, and it's clearly something he enjoys.

That doesn't mean it's not dangerous though. Today's Daily TwitPic illustrates just how much risk Muniz faces in his new line of work. A few weeks ago, he tweeted that he'd broken his wrist during a race. Then he tweeted this last Friday: "Update on my hand... Every ligament connecting my thumb is torn... also chipped bone in my thumb. Can't move it, surgery Monday night..lame." Ouch. Well Muniz had surgery on Monday and, as you can see in the TwitPic'd x-ray below, it's going to be a painful recovery. Best wishes, Frankie... we hope you get well soon!

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