'Adventureland': The DVD, By Kurt Loder

Adventureland” is a great little movie that came out last April, got strong reviews, and then, for reasons that call into question the whole concept of justice, sank from sight after taking in a pathetic $16 million. Happily, the film was released on DVD today, and so those who missed it or ignored it or otherwise showed it no love now have a chance to make things right.

It’s a movie about young love, youthful confusion and dumb summer jobs. This doesn’t begin to sum it up, but then neither did the film’s trailer (which may have been part of the original problem). Kristen Stewart gives a performance in this picture that outclasses anything she’s yet been called upon to do in the vampire franchise with which she’s currently involved. And she’s ideally teamed with Jesse Eisenberg, at his skittery, hyper-intelligent best; and Ryan Reynolds as a predatory older guy with enough of a soul left to realize what a scumball he is.

The supporting cast is unusually solid, especially Martin Starr as an amusement park serf with a deeply unamused view of life; Kristen Wiig as a woman in a mental orbit all her own; and Margarita Levieva is a local hottie who thinks she’s Madonna. (The story is set in 1987.)

Our opening-day review of “Adventureland” is here. You know where the DVDs are.