Savor The New 'Inception' Teaser In Stop Motion

Chris Nolan, also known as the man who gave Batman a new lease on life in celluloid, is busy now with his super-secret next project, "Inception." We've asked stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard -- who both have roles in the movie -- for details, but neither would say anything. Jerks.

I don't mean that Joe and Marion. Really! Why don't you give me a call... we'll talk about the weather, the local sports teams, maybe even little about "Inception"? No? Drat.

Well the movie isn't out until summer 2010 according to the teaser, so the curious among us have plenty of time to concoct our own crazy theories. Like everyone in the world is actually playing out a cleverly created virtual reality routine while machine masters toil in the real world, using human beings as their power source. What do you mean 'that's been done before'? Fine! What are your theories. Check out the "Inception" teaser Stop Motion image gallery by clicking the pic below.