'The Lovely Bones' Brings A Weird EXCLUSIVE Image Of Heaven

Saoirse RonanI'd like to compare director Peter Jackson's adaptation of the Alice Sebold novel "The Lovely Bones" to the Robin Williams-starring 1998 flick "What Dreams May Come." Only I get the distinct whiff of awesome from Jackson's effort where "What Dreams" smacked more of pop psych mediocrity. Plus, "Bones" totally has the better title.

I still haven't read the book, but the more I see images like the exclusive one posted after the break the more I consider adding it to my Kindle queue. The moon is the sky is definitely a clock of some sort and the gazebo in the middle of the lake... I wonder what's up with that. For those who are in the dark, "Bones" follows 14 year old Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) through her own, personal heaven as she watches her friends and loved ones deal with the grief of losing her. Hit the jump to peep our exclusive look at the movie, which hits theaters on December 11.