The 'Halloween II' Premiere Is Thankfully Free Of Gruesome Dismemberments

For me, Rob Zombie is the most frustrating filmmaker out there. I've been following the guy's career since high school -- which was more than a decade ago at this point -- and enjoying his creative output through all of it. Ever since he made the transition into serious filmmaking, I can't keep up anymore. Whatever source feeds into the twisted imagery he conceives, it's the same one that manifests in my worst nightmares. In short, he's too good at making things terrifying.

That said, I'm glad it's working for him. Remaking a horror classic like "Halloween" is a ballsy thing to do, and yet Zombie made it work well enough -- and with his own signature flourishes -- that a sequel has already arrived. Well not quite, as "Halloween II" hits theaters this Friday. But we're in the home stretch now, as you can see in our red carpet photo gallery from last night's premiere.