A Penn & Teller Magician And A Country Music Singer In Your Daily TwitPic

I think Warmoth's own comments in Twitter-Wood yesterday sum up today's Daily TwitPic best: "I chose a shot that country music fans will appreciate and everyone else in the free world will at least experience bewilderment at." Penn Jillette (the guy on the left in that image off to the side), one half of the Penn & Teller comedy/magic/commentary team, apparently falls into the country music fan cateogry. He's quite happy to be in today's Daily TwitPic photo with country singer David Allan Coe.

It's worth noting two things about Coe: (1) he claims (or claimed) to have killed a man while in prison, which earned him a temporary space on death row and (2) two of his albums -- "Nothing Sacred" and "Underground" -- are laced with mature themes, profanity and outright racial slurs. The death row claim has been refuted somewhat, though it is a fact that Coe spent time in an Ohio prison. And now he hangs with pundit magicians.

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