Institute For Human Continuity: The IHC, Keeping You Safe For '2012'

2012With the apocalypse only a few years away, it's best to prepare yourself. The Institute for Human Continuity, or IHC, has got you covered. At the IHC website, you can learn exactly what plans are in play to keep the human race going after disaster strikes and register with a lottery to secure your own place among the lucky survivors. You can also read through the science of what might trigger a world-ending event, and run a variety of simulated cataclysms. A rogue planet striking the the Earth will wipe us out swiftly, but a slower death by solar bombardment will just as surely bring about the end.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, the above chatter references Roland Emmerich's fall blockbuster, "2012." Emmerich, who has been bringing about the end of the world since "Independence Day" in 1996, mined myths surrounding the Mayan calendar -- which ends in the titular year -- for his latest take on the apocalypse.

The very attractive IHC website is fairly packed with text and PSA-styled video content. There's a press archive, individual pages devoted to a variety of IHC "initiatives," the aforementioned disaster scenario simulations, info about the post-2012 election and more. It's as stylish a viral portal as I've ever seen, with links out to a number of other "2012" related resources. Take a peek, and enjoy.

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