Defending Remakes And Lousy Superheroes Around The Blogosphere

-- First up in this relatively quiet day Around the Blogosphere is a well put together list feature running through 11 short films that have been teased out into feature-length efforts. There are some surprises there to be sure, especially if you're not a film geek. "Napoleon Dynamite" and Wes Anderson's "Bottle Rocket" both started life in short form. The peg of course is Shane Acker's "9," which was an Oscar-nominated 2005 short film. The CGI animated feature, which is produced by Tim Burton and "Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov, hits theaters on September 9. (Short Films that Grew Up)

-- Over at Cinematical, Jessica Barnes gives some love to superheroes who were thrown under a bus in their Hollywood treatments. Not literally of course; most heroes could survive such an occurrence anyway. Can you guess who the lucky contestants might be? Other than Elektra and Catwoman that is. (Superheroes That Deserve Another Chance)

-- Finally, LatinoReview has a thoughtful editorial up which actually defends Hollywood remakes. It's nothing we haven't heard before, but it IS a well-constructed defense that lays out all of the key points. Your treasured classics will always be your favorites, whether or not they're remade. This "new" trend is not, in fact, new. Original ideas ran out a long time ago, before movies even existed. Etc. As I said, nothing that's going to shake the foundations of what you know; it's more of a gentle kick to all of those out there who keep complaining about remakes, a reminder that the anti-remake mob-mentality is fundamentally flawed. (Why Remakes Are Not Actually A Blight On Society)

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