EXCLUSIVE Pics From 'Jennifer's Body,' 'Sherlock Holmes' And More Issue Forth From Our Fall Preview

Welcome to MTV's Fall Preview. All week long, we'll be bringing you exclusive images, clips and updates from some of the hottest properties hitting theaters before the end of the year, here and over on MTV.com. To get you started off right, we've got a big collection of all-new stills, 24 of them from 22 different movies ("Jennifer's Body" and Oscar-bait "Precious" get the doubles treatment).

First pic? Megan Fox in "Jennifer's Body," 'natch. See that? Fox is so hot she licks fire. Licks. Fire. Totally badass.

Want to see the full list of movies featured in the gallery? Find them after the break.

"Jennifer's Body"

"The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus"

"Sherlock Holmes"



"Gentlemen Broncos"

"Whip It!"

"A Serious Man"

"The Invention of Lying"


"A Christmas Carol"

"I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell"


"Ninja Assassin"

"The Box"

"The Informant"

"Red Cliff"


"The Lovely Bones"

"New York, I Love You"

"Up in the Air"


Whew. Get psyched, y'all. It's gonna be a fun fall.