'Full House-Era Stamos Hangs With The Olsen Twins In Your Daily TwitPic

I'm tempted to chastise Warmoth for dipping into the Stamos pool twice in one week, but I can't really blame him. The vintage value of this pic is through the roof. Uncle Jesse and the tiny Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, hanging with Minnie Mouse at Disney World (or Land, I suppose). The Olsens are of course wearing those goofy mouse ear hats that every kid who's ever been to a Disney park must wear.

Case in point, I have this photo. The characters are different -- it's Mickey instead of Minnie and me instead of the "Full House" girls -- but this is a scene from my life too. How many others have posed for a photo op with a crouching Disney character? A lot of you, I'd wager. But I digress. Minnie. Uncle Jesse. Olsens. Hilarity. Enjoy.

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