'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke To Go Werewolf In 'The Girl With The Red Riding Hood'

Catherine HardwickeWhat do you do when you’re denied the directorial gig of “New Moon”? If you’re “Twilight” helmer Catherine Hardwicke, you apparently find a similar-seeming substitute. According to Variety, Hardwicke is signing on to direct a version of the “Little Red Riding Hood” story -- now titled “The Girl With the Red Riding Hood” -- which will involve its share of werewolves and teenage romance.

When we first reported on this project, it was simply being labeled a “Gothic reimagining.” But MTV Movies Blog speculated that “with all of the 'Twilight' popularity raging across the globe… a werewolf is our likely candidate for the antagonist in Appian's take on the tale.” I guess Hollywood is that predictable these days? The initial report had no foresight into the additional tidbit, that the movie will focus primarily on a teenage love triangle.

So the titular girl is a teen, no stretch there. And I can believe Warner Bros. would make the hunter a younger man than the original story intended. Yet who could that third member of the triangle be? Grandma? Definitely not. Must be the wolf.

Considering “Red Riding Hood” was scripted by “Orphan” screenwriter David Leslie Johnson, there’s likely some other twists to the familiar fairy tale as well. Maybe the wolf turns out to really be a vampire? Or perhaps a Russian prostitute? Okay, let’s give Hollywood a little more credit than that.

It’s too bad Hardwicke couldn’t have found this project earlier, so that it could be released head-to-head with “New Moon.” She’s been quite busy trying to find the right follow-up to “Twilight” since stepping down from the vampire franchise. There’s that college-set version of “Hamlet,” the kid/bird crossbreed movie “Maximum Ride” and the music-centered young adult romance “If I Stay.”

Are you glad to see Catherine Hardwicke getting back into “Twilight” territory? Or, do you think this is a sad attempt to cash in on the franchise?