'Avatar' Trailer Arrives And You Don't Even Need 3-D Glasses

James Cameron hasn't directed a feature film since "Titanic," which hit theaters in 1997. Come the December release of "Avatar," we'll get to see if the long break has dulled the "Terminator" and "Aliens" director's abilities in any way. My money's on that not being the case.

Either way, the decade-plus vacation is reason enough to celebrate today as "Avatar" Day. It's not the only reason though. Later this evening, IMAX theaters around the country will swing wide their doors to adoring fans who lined up for a 16-minute early glimpse of "Avatar," a collage of scenes from throughout the film with a video introduction by Cameron himself. Those tickets disappeared almost as quickly as they were made available. Fortunately, you don't need one to check out the debut "Avatar" trailer below.

Look for additional photo and video treatments of the trailer throughout the day for a more up-close look at what's going on in these tantalizing two minutes of footage.