John Stamos Baby Hair Has A Life Of Its Own In Your Daily TwitPic

Today's Daily TwitPic comes with a guarantee: you will laugh. For many of us, John Stamos will always be Uncle Jesse, the rock and roll-playing "cool" uncle from the shmaltzy late-'80s/early-'90s TV series "Full House." One of the character's defining features was his obsession with his hair. "Watch the hair," Jesse would cry in fear whenever anyone got too close. That was all Stamos too; he didn't wear a wig or anything, his hair was just that awesome.

You know, Stamos has every reason to be obsessive about his magnificent head of hair. It wasn't always the carefully sculpted work of art that "Full House" fans came to envy. In fact, Stamos's baby hair was downright laughable. The actor, who deserves plenty of respect for having a sense of humor about himself, posted a baby pic yesterday that must be seen to be believed. Heed his original caption too -- "me and mother. please, it's my birthday- i'm not asking i'm telling-MAKE JOKES" -- and crack jokes at the @johnstamos Twitter feed.

His character grew up quite a bit during the show's eight seasons; he started out as a rebel, a motorcycle-loving party boy who always had a different woman on his arm, to a settled-down family man with twin girls and strong parenting instincts.