Tom Felton On Joining 'Get Him to the Greek' And John Stamos' Birthday In Today's Twitter-Wood

John StamosTom Felton sounds like he'll be lightening up his mood a bit for his next non-"Harry Potter" project. The normally moody-on-screen actor who plays Draco Malfoy will be jumping into Jonah Hill's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" sequel "Get Him to the Greek" alongside Hill and Russell Brand, according to his Twitter updates.

Elsewhere in our feed, the Twitter-Wood report joins John Stamos' former "Full House" cast members Bob Saget and Dave Coulier in wishing the well-groomed actor a happy birthday. The "ER" star's own bday post snagged today's Twitter Pic of the Day, which I've inserted below via Saget's re-tweet and well-wishing. If you ever wanted to see how great Stamos' hair looked early on in life, now is your chance. Check it out, along with Richard Kelly's computer problems, an explosion from F. Gary Gray's new film and more. It's all in the Twitter-Wood Report for August 19, 2009.

John Stamos pt 1: @JohnStamos THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES. mom flew in- taking BBB cast and friends out for birthday din-couldn't be happier-p.s. mother snores

-John Stamos, Actor ("Full House," "Knots")

Twitter Pic of the Day:

John Stamos pt 2: @bobsaget Great Teletubby Hershey's Kiss hair. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! I love you publically. I'm a fruitbat. RT @JohnStamos:

-Bob Saget, Actor ("Madagascar," "Full House")

John Stamos pt 3: @DaveCoulier - @JohnStamos ...Hey, birthday boy. One of my favorite pictures of us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, Dave

-Dave Coulier, Actor ("Full House," "The Even Stevens Movie")

@TomFelton so the exciting news that i mentioned yesterday is that i'm filming a cameo on friday for jonah hills new film 'get him to the greek'

-Tom Felton, Actor ("Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," "13Hrs")

@F_Gary_Gray This EXPLOSION is from last night on the set of "Law Abiding Citizen" N'Joy!

-F. Gary Gray, Director ("Law Abiding Citizen," "Be Cool")

@JRichardKelly My Lovely Mac is Gone, Baby, Gone. Hopefully the latest draft of my new script is not gone, pending emergency file recovery surgery.

-Richard Kelly, Writer/Director ("Donnie Darko," "Southland Tales")

@rainnwilson Yes I'm now following @parishilton - but only because I want tips on marketing my new fragrance: "Municipal Bus".

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Rocker," "The Office")

@likemark that's a wrap on Mr Webber. L.A. here I come. Toronto, I will miss you dearly. Note to everyone: "Scott Pilgrim -VS- the world"= AMAZING!!

-Mark Webber, Actor/Director ("Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," "Explicit Ills")

@danecook I had lunch today w/ Steve Martin. We traded many stories & laughs. His advice is strong. He continues 2 inspire me on/off stage.

-Dane Cook, Actor ("Employee of the Month," "Waiting")

@ElizaPatricia - Iranian visa. I want to take-off again.. go try to further understand others lives, politics, struggles. Soon.

-Eliza Dushku, Actress ("Dollhouse," "Bring It On")

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