Liev Schreiber Talks Sabretooth, How He Could Fit Into A 'Wolverine' Sequel

SabretoothFROM SPLASH PAGE: With so much attention being paid to the debuts of Deadpool and Gambit in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," it's easy to overlook the impressive performance of Liev Schreiber as one of the franchise's returning characters, Sabretooth. Along with bringing one of Logan's most popular nemesis to life, Schreiber added significant depth to a character whose appearances had previously been limited to grunts and the occasional growl.

While the ending of "Wolverine" certainly leaves the door open for Schreiber to return to the character, Logan's impending journey to Japan might complicate a cameo from Sabretooth. When we had a chance to chat with the actor during a press event for his upcoming film "Taking Woodstock," we had to ask him whether we'd see his take on Victor Creed in the next X-Men movie.

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