An EXCLUSIVE Early Look At Will Arnett In The Cinemash Send-up Of 'Carrie'

I mentioned in last week's posting of the "Training Day" send-up from Cinemash that it would be pretty hard to top this week's offering, which features Will Arnett and Adult Swim's Xavier: Renegade Angel taking on "Carrie." I need to retract that statement. This week's "Carrie" can't be topped. Fine, I'm an "Arrested Development" fanboy. I'm morally obligated to speak in shining terms of anyone who was involved with that series. So don't take my word for it. Listen to Cinemash creator Kashy Khaledi instead!

"Whenever Will Arnett smiles, like on 'Arrested Development' or he starts giggling, I just think it's... amazingly funny. In the movie 'Carrie,' when Carrie's onstage and she's smiling and giggling because she won the prom queen, before she gets the blood spilled on her... really, there's nothing more to it," Khaledi said in an interview with MTV contributor Jenni Miller. "Here is what I would like to see." So go click, see for yourself.

<br /><a href="" target="_new" title="Will Arnett and Xavier Cinemash &quot;Carrie&quot;">Video: Will Arnett and Xavier Cinemash &quot;Carrie&quot;</a>

Keep it locked here to MTV Movies Blog for additional coverage of MTV's interview with Khaledi, including what his thoughts are for the next "season" and how the "Twilight" crew might factor into future outings. Remember too, starting in September you'll be able to watch these Cinemash shorts on your HDTV, via a Zune-compatible HDMI cable. A great option for sharing the hilarity with your tech-illiterate friends and family.