Brad Pitt DOES NOT Join 'Sherlock Holmes' As Moriarty

Brad PittUPDATE: The original report in Us Magazine was based on an article in today's London Mirror, which it turns out was slightly inaccurate. And by "slightly," I mean "holy crap, who let this news run?!" Brad Pitt is NOT joining the cast of "Sherlock Holmes." So says Warner Bros. So everything I say below is completely false. You can check out WB's statement right here; I've left the original report after the jump, for posterity.

FROM WARNER BROS.: "The report in today’s London Mirror is completely inaccurate. Brad Pitt is not joining the cast of Sherlock Holmes and we're extremely pleased with the production of the film. As planned, it will be released on Christmas Day, 2009. In order to complete the movie, we've scheduled a few days on set to shoot a couple of additional scenes, obtain pick-up shots, and perfect some of the visual effects elements, all of which is standard filmmaking practice."

Oops. Someone done effed up.

You know, I was just looking at the IMDB listing for Guy Ritchie's upcoming "Sherlock Holmes" last week and wondering where the hell Moriarty was going to fit into that cast. If we're going to get this big, star-studded "Holmes" movie, surely there's a place for Holmes' arch-nemesis. And it turns out now that there is!

Us Magazine is reporting that Brad Pitt has officially joined the cast of "Holmes," and that he'll be trying to outwit the master detective from 221B Baker Street with his own nefarious plans. Pitt will arrive in London tomorrow, where "Holmes" shoots will continue throughout the week in a variety of locations.

I have faith in the director, and in his talented Holmes/Watson team-up of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, respectively. Bringing Pitt into the mix is kind of cool, even if it turns out to be a cameo on the level with Sean Connery's in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." Personally, I'd be happy to just catch occasional glimpses of Pitt-as-Moriarty in the backgroud, twirling his mustache and giggling maniacally.

With or without the "Inglourious Basterds" star, who last worked with Ritchie as the unintelligible pikey boxer in "Snatch," I still think "Holmes" will be a blast. I'm certainly excited about this latest development, but the real attention will be -- and deservedly so -- on Downey's portrayal of the iconic Holmes character. He certainly has the chops to nail the offbeat detective's odd mix of charisma and borderline-OCD eccentricity.

What does Pitt's addition to the "Sherlock Holmes" cast do for you? Is he a good pick for Moriarty? Were you excited for Ritchie's take on the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character long before today's breaking news? Perhaps most importantly, who is the better detective: Sherlock Holmes or Batman?