Robert Downey Jr. May Sink His Teeth Into Anne Rice Series 'The Vampire Chronicles' As Lestat

This is double-take-worthy news. Hell, it's late. Go take yourself a triple.

"close talks" with Universal Pictures to play blood-sucker Lestat Du Lioncourt in a big screen return for Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles," according to a report at Bloody Disgusting. It should be noted that there's no attribution for the news, though BD has a good track record with scoops.

Downey would be the third actor to wear Lestat's fangs after Stuart Townsend, in "Queen of the Damned" (2003), and, perhaps most famously, Tom Cruise in "Interview with the Vampire" (1994). There's no word yet on how the planned return to Rice's fiction will approach the story, with or without the "Iron Man" star.

Speaking of the armored superhero, between that franchise and Downey's upcoming role in "Sherlock Holmes," he's building up quite an assortment of leading man roles. Lestat would certainly be a huge win, though he'd have Cruise's memorable "Interview" performance to top. Personally, I think Downey could do it.

The outstanding success of "Twilight" no doubt played a part in looking back to Rice's material. Vampires are huge and it was only a matter of time. Gary Oldman had better watch out-- Bram Stoker may be next. Whether or not Downey moves forward as Lestat, it looks like we're going to see more of Rice's enduring character in theaters again very soon.

Do you like the idea of more Anne Rice? How about Downey as Lestat? Where in the series do you think the new movie(s) should begin?