'Twilight' Stuff And John Hughes Lead Your Week In Review

New Moon"Twilight" stuff. It's a pretty random assortment, though much of it predictably relates to this week's "New Moon" trailer. I'll admit that I've been somewhat remiss in bringing you these weekly round-ups, but its been crazy up in this MTV newsroom lately. Before the jump, you've got top stories 6 through 10 for the past week. After the jump, 1 through 5. Enjoy.

10. Rounding Up Your Reactions To Rachelle Lefevre Being Re-cast in 'Eclipse' -- You all know that Bryce Dallas Howard replaced Rachelle Lefevre in "Eclipse." It made quite a big splash, that news. So big that I felt compelled to dig through your comments and share some highlights in a dedicated blog post. This blog post.

9. 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Plagiarism Controversy Devolves Into Hilarity -- Some nutjob writer decided that because she and "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer wrote a book featuring a wedding, a honeymoon and a troubled pregnancy, all of it with supernatural undertones, Meyer's later effort was a work of plagiarism. I won't reprint the other writer's name here because let's face it folks: she's gotten more than enough press already.

8. EXCLUSIVE JUDD APATOW BLOG: 'Funny People' Director Answers Questions You Haven't Asked -- Unbelievably, this guest blog entry from "Funny People" director Judd Apatow is still popping. Glad y'all are enjoying it.

7. 'New Moon' Trailer Tease Goes Interactive! -- The latest "New Moon" trailer hits today, but the teaser for said trailer hit on Wednesday. We decided to try out a new piece of web tech on you community-loving Twilighters, and this here interactive trailer tease is it.

6. An Early Taste Of The 'New Moon' Trailer On Wednesday -- More on that new "New Moon" trailer. This was the news brief informing you of the upcoming trailer tease. Now it's not upcoming anymore. So this news brief is pointless, a relic of bygone days.

5. 'New Moon' Trailer Leaks, The French Are To Blame -- Oh those French and their trailer-leaking ways. I still think this was all part of a revenge plot for "G.I. Joe" trashing the Eiffel Tower. But then, I've been told before that I'm crazy.

4. 'Fraggle Rock' And 'Dark Crystal' Sequel Updates From Brian Henson -- A "Dark Crystal" sequel and a "Fraggle Rock" movie are HAPPENING. Maybe not soon, but Brian Henson is emphatic about the fact that they are indeed on the road to being made. And for that, we Muppet-loving folk can be very, very thankful.

3. Seth Rogen On 'Apocalypse': 'We Have Not Written One Word Of That Movie' -- I'm not sure exactly why this bit of non-news became so popular. Rogen is a hot ticket these days, but "Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse" isn't exactly on the tip of everyone's tongue. But hey, I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

2. Miley Cyrus Hugs It Out With Robert Pattinson In Today's Twitter-Wood -- Now this one I can figure out. RPattz and Miley in a single headline? Please. I couldn't make up news this good. Yes, Twitter rocks.

1. From 'Breakfast Club' To 'Ferris Bueller': Five Fantastic John Hughes-Penned Characters -- As heartbroken as I am over the untimely loss of John Hughes, I'm happy to see this story at the top of your weekly hits. Hughes was a master, a living legend. Now he's gone, and the art of film is diminished for his absence. R.I.P. Mr. Hughes. You've earned your rest; I just wish it hadn't come so soon.