No 'District 9' Aliens Allowed In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

Ah "District 9." You're finally here. Now everyone gets to share in the joy, to see how exquisitely well-crafted you are. Director Neill Blomkamp rises to the challenge in his first feature directing gig, spinning out a tight, smartly laid out story which sails along, bolstered by an impressive first time leading man performance from Sharlto Copley. Enough poetic waxing about "District 9" though... on to the subject of this post.

Today's eBay Prop-Watch pick isn't a prop. Maybe it's a replica-- I think it popped up at some point in the movie. This should be a familiar image to anyone who's been following the summer sci-fi adventure though. "District 9" has been subject of a fairly extensive viral marketing campaign, and lots of cool ephemera has come out of it. And that's where the inspiration for today's pick lies.

What we have here is a replica of one of the "no humans allowed" signs featured in many of "District 9"'s posters, billboards and so on. It's not an official release by any stretch. It's the product of some enterprising fan's efforts, made out of heavy gauge aluminum and artificially weathered to look like it's been sitting outside in the elements for a long period of time. At a Buy It Now price of $60, this is a perfectly reasonable purchase for bigger fans of this "aliens walk among us" sci-fi flick.