Kurt Loder Reviews 'District 9'

District 9FROM MTV.COM: "District 9" seems an oddly misguided sci-fi movie. Where are the Hasbro toy connections? The skeletons of ancient TV series? There's not even a comic book involved. What is wrong with this picture?

Actually, the movie is based on ... what's the term — ah, yes: an original idea. It's a good one, too. The film does have aliens, but they're not the traditional galactic marauders. These amiable extraterrestrials were just cruising along over South Africa some 20-odd years ago when their huge spaceship suddenly conked out in the sky above Johannesburg, where it's still parked. The humans below managed to ferry the passengers down — more than a million of them — but then were stuck with the problem of what to do with these unwanted interlopers. Assimilation was out of the question — the creatures resembled big weird crustaceans with a snoutful of wriggling worms, and their native tongue sounded like a flock of ducks being eaten alive. They did have some interesting technology — especially in the weapons department — but it was bio-mechanical, and could only be operated by beings with alien DNA. Bummer.

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