You See The 'New Moon' Trailer This Weekend, I'll Watch 'Twilight'

Kristen StewartThe time has arrived. I'll admit, I didn't quite realize what a phenomenon "Twilight" had become when I started this job. I hadn't read the books, nor had I seen the movie. Writing for this audience has been quite an education for me, but that all-important hole -- getting some firsthand experience with the franchise -- has remained unfilled. Until now.

This weekend, I am going to sit down and watch "Twilight." I know the basic gist of the story, but that's about all. I walk in with no preconceptions other than my awareness of the cultural phenomenon that it has become. On Monday, I'll report back here with my thoughts on the movie. I can't guarantee that I'll like it, but I do promise that it will get a fair shake.

Meanwhile, you'll all be watching the new "New Moon" trailer. You got your tease earlier this week, but the real thing is headed you way starting today, in front of screenings of "Bandslam." And just like I'm going to share my thoughts on "Twilight," I'd appreciate it if you shared your thoughts on the trailer.

Comments are fine of course -- I'll tag this post as Hot Stuff so it lives on the right side of the page for a few days -- but video is even better. Record your response with a webcam or similar device and upload the video to use at Your MTV. Make sure to tag your uploads with "New Moon trailer" so we can find it easily. Thanks all... I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Here's a look at our remixed trailer tease one more time, just to get your hype up: