Bryan Singer Confirmed As The 'Battlestar Galactica' Director In Today's Dailies -- 8/13/09

Bryan Singer-- Robert Rodriguez has some updates on "The Jetsons," "Predators," "Nervewrackers" and "Sin City 2." Click it. You know you'd like to know more. (Sci Fi Wire)

-- Huge news. Bryan Singer is now confirmed to be directing a silver screen reboot of "Battlestar Galactica." This was reported earlier by Hitfix, but the news has now been confirmed. Fans of Ron Moore's take on the franchise shouldn't rise up in angry protest just yet. The project is literally at ground zero right now. With Singer on board, now it's time to find a writer, figure out the course such a project might take. Might Ron Moore step in to deliver a script? Anything is possible. We shall see, fellow "BSG" fans. (Variety)

-- "They're heee-eeeere." If those words mean anything to you, then your inner child is probably scratching at your mental walls with concern. "Poltergeist" is coming back, as we've all known for awhile, but now a release date has been set. There's nothing known about the story, script, cast or anything else, but we know when it's coming out: November 24, 2010. Be afraid. Whether it's for the horror on display in the movie or the project itself is anyone's guess. (< a href="" target="_blank">Shock Till You Drop)

-- A trailer popped up online today for "Law Abiding Citizen," starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. From the look of things, Butler is convicted of a crime he didn't commit -- the murder of his daughter -- and Foxx is the man who sends him to death row. So Butler goes crazy and starts having people killed from within his locked prison box. Sounds interesting. The original "Entertainment Tonight" link is gone, but FirstShowing is streaming the trailer. (FirstShowing)

-- Sometimes news breaks, and there just aren't words. Like this news. That Jon Heder, star of "Napoleon Dynamite," is all set for his next movie. "Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede," an adaptation of Bradley Denton's comic sci-fi novel. I can't possibly paraphrase Variety's synopsis, so here it is in all of its deranged glory: "In the film, Heder will play Oliver Vale, an average geek whose uneventful life changes when Buddy Holly turns up on every TV channel and declares that Vale is the only one who understands why this is happening -- which causes Vale to be pursued by a mob of disguised aliens." Yeah. (Variety)

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