'The Goods' Star Jeremy Piven Has A Message For The World In Today's Daily TwitPic

Jeremy PivenIn yesterday's Daily TwitPic, I gave you an up-close look at the cleanest, most inoffensive thing possible: a Jonas Brothers concert. On the scale of objectionable content -- with 1 being a starry-eyed fluffy bunny and 10 being the sickest hardcore pornography imaginable -- a JoBros show peaks at around 2.5. Or so I've heard.

Today's Daily TwitPic is for those readers who saw yesterday's pic and got worried that we're going soft here at MTV. This image was actually a bit too objectionable in its unaltered state, so I had to clean it up a bit. "The Goods" star Jeremy Piven doesn't look like he's selling hard here, but he's certainly living hard. That's just how it goes when you roll with peeps like Kid Rock and Dane Cook. Something tells me that if the picture had captured a bit more of the background action, I wouldn't have been able to post it at all. Just saying...

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