Dissenting 'Twilight' Opinions And A 'Machete' Script Review Around The Blogosphere

-- Yay "Family Guy"!! Not exactly bloggy, but entertaining. The Hollywood Reporter is hosting a three-part video of a full table read for a never-aired "Family Guy" script. The controversial subject of the day is abortion, so you can probably figure out why it never aired. Don't read, just watch. (The Hollywood Reporter)

-- Cinematical has kicked off a pretty great new running feature, "Movies I Will Never See." Contributor Monika Bartyzel wrote up a spin-off post which ponders exactly when "expressing an opinion becomes legitimate." It's actually a consideration of how personal biases inform opinion, rather than an actual questioning of whose opinions are legitimate versus whose aren't. As always, well worth the read. (Cinematical)

-- As we all now know, the cast of Robert Rodriguez's Danny Trejo-led "Grindhouse" spin-off "Machete" has accelerated from cool to ludicrous speed. How might the movie measure up though, with such a disparate assortment of actors as Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal and Robert De Niro? You can one man's opinion on it in ScriptShadow's review of the 87 page script. (Latino Review)

-- I've expanded Around the Blogosphere's reach lately to account for the sizable audience of Twilighters reading us. I may not be Larry Carroll, but I want to make sure you have "Twilight"-specific stuff to read in these round-up features. There's a lot of discussion-worthy content out there on the web, even if you might not agree. And I suspect you won't agree -- not entirely -- with this post. This is what I'd call a dissenting viewpoint on the first "Twilight" movie. Share your thoughts in the comments below. (Occasional Superheroine)