'District 9' Was 'Born From The Ashes' Of 'Halo,' Says Peter Jackson

In a sci-fi world where, as Peter Jackson says, "we've all forgotten how to be original," it's refreshing to see a film like "District 9" emerge which the producer aptly describes as "fiercely original." This is smart sci-fi, for viewers who want some food for thought to munch on with their popcorn. As Jackson reveals in the below interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz at San Diego Comic-Con, much of what makes "D9" so brilliant lies in director Neill Blomkamp's South Africa upbringing.

"[Neill] witnessed the end of the Apartheid era and he had a life experience of looking at the society in its... good and bad ways," Jackson said. "He wanted to translate that into a little science fiction spin."

Blomkamp's solution turns out to be quite an elegant one too. As Jackson says, in a relatively spoiler-free breakdown, "the idea of having aliens arrive in South Africa-- they get put into a Soweto style township and treated quite badly by the local population. And then you realize there is actually a humanity underneath the appearance of these aliens. It was interesting and much more complex than the usual science fiction film."

Jackson, as always, gives great interview. Check out the video below for more and then head over to MTV.com for Larry Carroll's assessment of "D9" as the possible "fanboy film of the summer."