Clive Barker Teaming With 'Saw' Writers For 'Hotel'

Horror baron Clive Barker, who first introduced the world to "Hellraiser" has a new project set up for television, and two up-and-coming writers from the "Saw" series will be paving the way. "Clive Barker's Hotel" still has a veil of secrecy around its premise, but the writer behind "The Midnight Meat Train" worked with Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton previously when they penned a draft for Dimension's (now held) "Hellraiser" remake. This time, it looks as though they have sold their idea to Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Television purchased "Hotel," according to the Risky Biz blog. Barker is reportedly attached to produce the potential TV series about a haunted hotel with Barker's other previous collaborator Joe Daley. McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision, which produced "Supernatural" for The CW, may also be interested in producing the property.

Dunstan and Melton, who together won the first season of the reality show "Project Greenlight," have two "Saw" movies under their writing belts, with a third, "Saw VI," on its way later this year. Dimension later turned their winning horror script, "The Feast," into a feature film.

Barker has already laid tracks in movies, comics, novels and video games, but unless you count the made-for-TV "Hellraiser" features, "Hotel" would break new ground for him.

Could you use a little Clive Barker on your evening TV-watching schedule? Do you think Dunstan and Melton sound like good matches for the project? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!