'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson A Top Contender For Brett Ratner's Adaptation Of 'Youngblood'

Robert PattinsonAs most of you ought to know, comic book- and superhero-related content here at MTV lives on Splash Page. There's enough crossover in this news that I figured I should clue you all in here on Movies Blog as well.

In a recent interview with MTV, "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner got to talking about his upcoming adaptation of "Youngblood." The comic book follows a team of superhuman government agents who are specially trained to deal with -- what else -- super-villain threats. You say you want $100 billion or you're going to blow up the Williamsburg Bridge? Not so fast there hoss... Youngblood's got something to say about that.

Anyway, Ratner is keen on bringing a certain "Twilight" star into the mix for his adaptation. As he said, "Definitely [Robert Pattinson] from 'Twilight.' He just feels like he belongs in that world. I don't only see him as a vampire, he's a really good actor." Editor Rick Marshall has plenty more from the interview over on Splash Page, so I recommend heading over and checking it out.