Val Kilmer Will Steal DJ Nu-Mark's Thunder In The 'MacGruber' Movie

It's a good day to be a Jurassic 5 fan. Former J5 beatsmith DJ Nu-Mark confirmed that he'll be joining the cast of the "MacGruber" movie. On Twitter. Oh yes, the bane of public relations specialists everywhere strikes again with some casting confirmation straight from the horse's... errr... keyboard. The Tweet is actually a bit more revealing, with Nu-Mark mentioning the ordeal his character will go through. In his own words:

@djnumark: Ahh, gonna be in my first movie! Playin a DJ in the new Mac Gruber movie (from SNL) Val Kilmer is gonna take my mic from

So there you have it. Val Kilmer: actor, outdoorsman... mic thief.

Nu-Mark is only one half of the team that mixed beats for the now-defunct southern California hip-hop outfit Jurassic 5. "MacGruber" might be Nu's first movie, but fellow DJ Cut Chemist beat him to Hollywood.

Cut had a brief cameo in "Never Been Kissed" as a member of the band Ozomatli (which he was a member of), but more recently he appeared in "Juno" as... a chemistry teacher. Yeah. I'm a longtime J5 fan, and I did an actual double-take when I spotted Cut dressed like a teacher and running a classroom. From the sound of things, Nu's "MacGruber" role will fall a little closer to his day job.

Check out this Jurassic 5 video for "What's Golden" to get a look at Nu. He's the DJ in the red and black Adidas track jacket.

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