Abigail Breslin To Star In 'Janie Jones'

Abigail BreslinThese days, Abigail Breslin is growing up fast. The “Little Miss Sunshine” star recently graduated to the heart-tugging, adult-themed topics of “My Sister’s Keeper.” She also dropped jaws at Comic-Con with footage of her kicking ass in the October flick “Zombieland.” Now Breslin has revealed to MTV that she’s signed on for one of her heaviest roles yet.

“I’m going to Iowa to film a movie called ‘Janie Jones,’” the 13-year-old cutie told us this week, revealing the name of the top-secret project which she recently became the first major star to join.

“I can’t say too much about it, but it is a drama,” Breslin said of the film’s tone, claiming that it will be quite a departure from her past roles. “It has some funny parts in it, but for the most part it’s drama.”

The project is not to be confused with “Untitled Jamie Lee Jones Project,” an in-development film about a contract worker in Iraq who claimed to have been raped by six employees of a Halliburton subsidiary. “Janie Jones” will star Breslin as a fictional teenage main character, and it has nothing to do with Iraq or Halliburton.

“Yes, I am [Janie Jones],” the former Oscar nominee explained, saying that she’s playing the title role. “And it’s fiction.”

Although little is known about the flick, it’s sure to have a great title track if it wants one. Fans of The Clash will remember “Janie Jones,” the now classic punk song about a man who loves everything... except his job. Whether Breslin will be serenaded to the strains of Joe Strummer is anyone's guess, though it's unlikely that she's actually portraying the infamous British madam/pop singer the song is named for.

As for the rest of the cast: “I don’t know if I can say,” Breslin added. Stay tuned, as we’ll have more on "Janie Jones" in the weeks to come.

What do you think of Abigail Breslin doing drama? Should she be in a hurry to grow up, or stick with some fun kids movies for awhile longer?