Spielberg On 'Halo' Debunked And Molly Ringwald Remembers John Hughes In Today's Dailies -- 8/12/09

Halo-- Wait... you mean an IESB rumor has been debunked?! I don't believe it. A weekend rumor that Steven Spielberg is interested in at the very least producing an adaptation of the hit video game "Halo" has been officially put to rest. Microsoft commented on the "news," stating that any "Halo" motion picture projects are officially on hold while the publisher concentrates on making games. I can't imagine why. Maybe it's the $60 price tag vs. the $10 movie ticket. (Kotaku)

-- Molly Ringwald wrote out a lengthy, heartfelt remembrance of her tragically fallen "Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles" director, John Hughes. A lot has been said of Hughes in the past week, but Ringwald's reminiscence eclipses them all. (The New York Times)

-- "The Hangover" star Ed Helms is following up his summer adventure for Todd Phillips with a starring role in "Central Intelligence." In a Social Network-y twist, the movie follows an accountant who gets caught up in a world of shadowy spies when he reconnects with an old friend on Facebook. Let that be a message to all of you who hand out friend requests like concert flyers... (Variety)

-- Playwright and filmmaker David Mamet is setting his considerable skills loose on "The Diary of Anne Frank." The film will develop out of three sources: Frank's original World War II diary, the 1950 play based on the same and Mamet's own work. "Frank" is a classic story of course, but there's never been a definitive version committed to film. Perhaps this will be it. (The Hollywood Reporter)

-- Information, images and a trailer (a RED-BAND trailer) have surfaced for "Legion," which looks mighty slick. The movie asks the question "what if God lost faith in man... again?" Noah kept the seed of humanity safe the last time from a world-drenching flood. It appears that Paul Bettany is the chosen one this time around. (/Film)

-- There's a sequel to Paul WS Anderson's "Death Race" coming. Tony Giglio has been hired to script it. That's really all I have to say on the matter. (Shock Till You Drop)