Jack White Makes Beautiful Music In This EXCLUSIVE 'It Might Get Loud' Clip

Whether or not you like the music, it's hard not to get excited about the conceit behind director Davis Guggenheim's documentary, "It Might Get Loud." Basically, it's this: get White Stripe Jack White, Led Zep Jimmy Page and U2 axeman The Edge together and make them jam. Then follow them after they part ways and observe the impact of that collaboration.

In the exclusive clip below, watch as White composes a new song on the quick-fast. I sadly missed this flick at Sundance in January, and everything I've heard about it since makes me more regretful about that fact. I won't have to feel that way much longer though, as "It Might Get Loud" open in New York and Los Angeles this Friday, with additional openings to follow in subsequent weeks. Head over to MTV.com to read what came of Eric Ditzian's interview with Guggenheim.

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