Dax Shepard And His Pals Are Trained Killers In Your Daily TwitPic

Dax ShepardWhen most of us throw parties, they're pretty standard affairs. A little booze, some chips & dip, a shuffled playlist (who really uses CDs anymore?), maybe some game-like diversions like cards or "Rock Band." As today's Daily TwitPic proves, celebrities are on a whole other trip when they throw parties.

Celebs like Dax Shepard, who recently brought his pals together to drink a few beers and fight for our freedom. See, while we're all just hanging out with friends, Shepard had everyone show up in costume for a "Rambo" trilogy party. And it's not even Halloween! Madness! I want to know what's up with the dude in the back-- was he captured mid-jump or is he pulling some ninja move where he's braced up high on the wall. Because I have to say... it looks like the latter. And that's badass.

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