'New Moon' Trailer Tease Goes Interactive!

I've got a very special treat for you Twilighters, one which will allow you to share your fervor with one another right here in the blog. Not the comments section mind you, but this space right here. It's not quite Web 3.0 tech, but it's a step above Web 2.0; why don't we call this Web 2.1?

First, here's your 14 second tease of the "New Moon" trailer premiering this Friday in front of "Bandslam." Don't hit play yet! Scroll down for an explanation below the vid window.

So. Here's how it works. You watch the video. You come to a moment that you like. So you hit the Share button (that pink arrow in the lower right corner), sign into your preferred social network (Facebook or Twitter) via a convenient pop-up Flash window and punch in your comment. You words are then associated with that specific timestamp in the trailer, and they'll appear in a small window whenever the video is viewed.

Pretty neat, eh? It's a new toy that I'm hoping will keep y'all more involved with the daily content that appears on the blog. You can still hit the comments section of course; just think of this as a new way to participate in the ongoing dialogue here at MTV Movies Blog!