Brad Pitt Predicts Ninth Inning Rally For 'Moneyball'

Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieA few months ago, it was one of the most talked about projects in Hollywood. Then “Moneyball” fell prey to script conflicts, a studio that pulled the plug days before cameras were to start rolling and a world-class director -- Steven Soderbergh -- who quit in protest. Since then, the smoke and noise seems to have faded, along with the film itself.

But Brad Pitt is still convinced that he’ll soon suit up and play ball.

“My gut says yes,” the star said of "Moneyball" on Monday, when we caught up with him on the red carpet at the premiere of his August 21st Quentin Tarantino flick “Inglourious Basterds.”

For those who weren’t keeping up on the news reports earlier this summer, “Moneyball” is based on the bestselling book about Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane. He effectively transformed the game of baseball in the late '90s with his outside-the-box methods for assembling a winning small-market team. Frequent Pitt collaborator Soderbergh (director of the "Ocean's" heist series) had a grand vision for the statistics-heavy baseball geek bible. It's a vision which included casting real players in key roles, having Pitt play Beane and even employing a little bit of animation.

Now, the film finds itself with a near-$60 million budget, a plot about baseball statistics and no director. But the world’s biggest movie star told us that he’s still very much attached, and he expects “Moneyball” to rally for a ninth inning comeback.

“It’s a weird climate right now,” Pitt explained, blaming the economy for making it difficult to land financing for such a risky project.

“But we’re still trying to re-mount it,” he insisted, saying that he very much wants to portray Beane. “I hope we get to do it soon.”

What do you think? Can Brad Pitt get “Moneyball” made? Which director would you like to see take over for Soderbergh?