'Saw VI' Posters Arrive, Want Your Blood

Saw VIWhile I can appreciate the noble intent of a "Saw VI"-branded blood drive, I have to wonder who in their right mind would show up for such an event. I mean seriously... do you really think you're going to just go there, give some blood and call it a day? I don't think so. That needle they stick into you will undoubtedly be filled with a fast-acting poison. To save yourself you'll have to imbibe the antidote, which is of course surgically implanted into the skull of the nurse who "took your blood," a fact which you'll learn thanks to a conveniently placed voice recorder.

You see where I'm going with this, right? Giving your blood is a positive thing, but I can't help but suspect this is all part of Jigsaw's -- he's not dead, of course -- master plan. Especially after seeing the freaky-ass nurse in this pair of new posters. Yes, I know that blood drives are nothing new for the "Saw" franchise. That still doesn't mean I trust those sick lunatics.

In all seriousness, this is a great thing that Lionsgate and the folks behind "Saw" do and its been a successful effort for them so far. It's telling enough that this is the 6th annual "Saw"-branded blood drive. The actual numbers are even more impressive though: 119,452 pints of plasma have been collected, resulting in 358,354 lives saved. Jigsaw's body count seems like penny ante stuff by comparison. Hit the jump for the posters.